Venice, Italy

After studying Venetian Art for a semester at University, Pat wanted to go to Venice. We created a trip that put her in front of all the great things she had studied, which included five nights in Venice, then popping around the Veneto to see more important works in Ravenna, Mantua, Vicenza, and Padua. The last night was in Asolo at the special Villa Cipriani.

Just Got Back … Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Who: Family of Five
Where: Ireland
When: March
Why: To visit their daughter, studying in Dublin, and explore the countryside as a family

Ireland is the quintessential spot for a family trip. It’s a small country but certainly packs a punch. We recently planned a 10-day trip there for a family of five. They just got back and loved every minute of it (ok maybe not the rain on one of their walking tours - but what’s a visit to Ireland without a wee bit of drizzle).

Some of their highlights included staying in the 18th Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara, being entertained by the wonderful storytelling of their guide Barry on their Kinsale walking tour and catching a demo of sheep dogs herding in their flock at a working sheep farm. To top it off, their main guide Eric introduced them to hidden gems (restaurants, pubs and other spots and sites) not found in many a guidebook, giving them a real flavour for the local culture.

In their words…

“Thank you Chris for organizing such a wonderful tour and making sense of our original wish list which was literally all over the map. Couldn't have picked better places to visit and stay. All accommodations inside and out of Dublin were lovely!

Looking at the map that Eric kindly mapped out tracing our route I'm amazed at the ground we covered and all we saw from major attractions to little out of the way places. And learned so much as well as being entertained and catered to! Thanks again to all who put this 'family tour' together. It was a great success.”

- GL & LL, reflecting from home in Toronto