Germany, Poland and Italy

"We truly appreciate your efficiency and attention to detail in planning all our trips. It allows us to give our full attention to experiencing each new place and while the guides you arrange for us are always excellent we especially loved our guide in Poland....

...... We were happy to return to the hotel Ca Sagredo in Venice. They opened the door to our bedroom and I burst out laughing. It is approximately the size of our main floor. I felt like I should pack a lunch to walk to the bathroom. We had not known last time we were there that Galileo spent much time and probably invented the telescope there....

......Thank you for enabling our continued attempts at enriching our lives and becoming better human beings"


“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful tour and making sense of our original wish list which was literally all over the map.

Couldn't have picked better places to visit and stay. All accommodations inside and out of Dublin were lovely! Glad we had a chance to stay at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, loved the decor and staff.

I'm amazed at the ground we covered and all we saw from major attractions to little out of the way places. And learned so much as well as being entertained and catered to!

It was a great success.”

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