New Zealand Nov 2018

"New Zealand is must see place, every place was great and unique in its own right…  overall the country is like one big National Park everywhere you turn there is something spectacular to look at…. I really enjoyed the trip and appreciated your services as it made it easy for us to just enjoy and not worry about the details."


"We have arrived! Omg Florence is beautiful, and the hotel is amazing! ... When we arrived at the hotel, they gave us a late breakfast and just brought us some bubbly. So they are looking after us here!

 ... The cheese farm was excellent and so was lunch, beef, beef, beef beef, BEEF.... I just want to say, every restaurant you recommended was absolutely amazing. We definitly left heavier!

... Just wanted to say thanks for all your help..... I absolutely loved it there, and will certainly find time again to go and spend more time there."


"Thank you for a great and memorable trip, it was so nice to have everything planned out for you with such organization and attention to detail.  

We also appreciated that you worked so hard to find us the right tour operations and excursions so we didn't mind the back and forth in the planning at all.

We will definitely be using Travel Impresarios in the future. It's been a pleasure!"

London & Paris

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say we are home (sadly) but we had a GREAT time! All of the tours and tour guides were fantastic - my favourite was Stonehenge… loved the battlefields day (it was spectacular with a lovely day spent driving through the French countryside), and …  the Louvre tour.

... Again, thank you for everything, especially the wonderfully precise directions on how to get from place to place which saved us a huge amount of precious time.

We'll be in touch for future trips and will pass on your info to others!”


“On a scale of 1-10 this vacation was an 11.5 - seriously, we had an absolutely fabulous time.

… Ranguana is paradise. snorkeling is crazy good, the beach is divine, the water literally teeming with life (e.g. in our first five minutes on the island, wading through the crystal waters a nurse shark cruised by us. eg. bird-life included frigate birds, osprey, boobies, ducks, a kestrel or merlin and one very confused barn swallow)….

… Did I mention it was paradise? We've been to some incredible places before, but none more amazing than this.

… Thanks again, we feel incredibly fortunate to have had this experience.”

Venice, Italy

"The vacation was amazing! ....

... The highlight of Venice for me was the boat tour. Our guides went above and beyond. They truly made the day.

... The Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar producers were interesting to visit. I actually heard my son talking to his friend about it on the phone today! Gelato making was lots of fun, a definite recommendation."


Germany, Poland and Italy

"We truly appreciate your efficiency and attention to detail in planning all our trips. It allows us to give our full attention to experiencing each new place and while the guides you arrange for us are always excellent we especially loved our guide in Poland....

...... We were happy to return to the hotel Ca Sagredo in Venice. They opened the door to our bedroom and I burst out laughing. It is approximately the size of our main floor. I felt like I should pack a lunch to walk to the bathroom. We had not known last time we were there that Galileo spent much time and probably invented the telescope there....

......Thank you for enabling our continued attempts at enriching our lives and becoming better human beings"