"We have arrived! Omg Florence is beautiful, and the hotel is amazing! ... When we arrived at the hotel, they gave us a late breakfast and just brought us some bubbly. So they are looking after us here!

 ... The cheese farm was excellent and so was lunch, beef, beef, beef beef, BEEF.... I just want to say, every restaurant you recommended was absolutely amazing. We definitly left heavier!

... Just wanted to say thanks for all your help..... I absolutely loved it there, and will certainly find time again to go and spend more time there."

Venice, Italy

"The vacation was amazing! ....

... The highlight of Venice for me was the boat tour. Our guides went above and beyond. They truly made the day.

... The Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar producers were interesting to visit. I actually heard my son talking to his friend about it on the phone today! Gelato making was lots of fun, a definite recommendation."