2013 Old Course Guidelines unveiled

The birthplace of golf is a rite passage for any serious golfer, yet it is not a one-time visit, but merely the first of many. This unique plot of land north of the 55th parallel is home to the highest concentration of Top 100 golf courses in the World (12 at last count).

In an ideal world, all golf trips to Scotland include a round at the incomparable Old Course at St Andrews.

Today, St Andrews Links unveiled their rates and policies for 2013, leaving just three weeks before you must have your lottery ballot for an Old Course Tee Time prepared for entry.

As always, the deadline to apply for an Old Course application is the first Wednesday in September at 10am Greenwich Mean Time. 

Yes, it means pushing the send button at 5am in Toronto/New York or staying up late on the West Coast on Tuesday Sept 4th and sending it at 2am.

It is imperative that you choose two courses to play. We recommend the second coure being the "New" Course, if you can call built in 1895, New!. If you don't want to play a second course, go for the Strathtyrum, as it is only £25.

Next year's green fees will be £155 in 2013, this is the cheapest you will pay. If you decide to add the Old Course after September 5, 2013, you have the following choices.

1) Play the ballot, which works if you are 4 or less golfers

2) Meet the starter at 6am and get your name on the list for play that day

3) Book a guaranteed time with the Old Course Experience

Of course, we can advise you on the process and plan the rest of the trip for you.