How We Work

We offer custom trip planning and concierge services. In the case of larger groups, we bundle all costs and deliver one, simple, inclusive price.



Our Services

While we are first and foremost a trip planning service, we can also help with the following to make your trip even more stress-free:

Flight Arrangements

Finding perfect flights can be tricky, and we understand it is a vital part to the planning. With the support of our flight gurus at Traveledge, we can help you get off the ground and ensure full service from start to finish.

Hotel Bookings

We have preferred relationships with several different suppliers, which means we can offer you amenities and upgrades you wouldn’t find on your own. In other words, booking with us costs you the same, but you’ll get more.

Trip Insurance

Everyone should have travel insurance, because life isn’t predictable. We can walk you through the fine print.